Russian Gets Medieval On Drone

Russian Medieval Actor Takes Out Drone With SpearYea verily, thou must witness thine post which shineth the light upon a brave warrior. A knight of chivalrous gallantry, this nobleman smote an iron dragon with a spear, straight and true.

Footage posted to YouTube by drone owner Gennady Tolcheev shows an aerial view of the Rusborg medieval festival in the Lipetsk region as reenactors are preparing to recreate the “battle for the bridge.”

A costumed participant can be seen moving away from his comrades before throwing his spear, which scores a direct hit and knocks the drone out of the air.

“The lance was not a fighting weapon, it had a softened tip,” a festival organizer told the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper. “Therefore the quadcopter was not destroyed, it just dropped to the ground.”

Thou can see the video below the fold.

A fine victory, good sire! Thou name shalt be heralded through the ages.

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