This Room Is All The Rage

Tantrum's Rage RoomIf you’re like me, nothing relieves your everyday stress quite like a good rage. You come home after a hard day’s work, notice the trash cans aren’t taken in, and drive through the garage door with your car. It’s like therapy, without the condescension and astronomical co-pays.

Now a Houston woman has created a venue for everyone who needs a good release, without the help of Asian prostitutes.

Shawn Baker had an entrepreneurial epiphany years ago when she saw a group of young people outside a concert venue throwing junk out of a truck and pulverizing the trash with a bat. It looked fun. She wondered: could there be a way of monetizing our appetite for mindless destruction?

Baker, though, had a good, steady career as manager of a hydraulic shop for a large oil company in Houston. So she put the idea on hold.

Baker now had spare time, little prospect of quickly finding another role in the energy industry, and a hunch that thousands of others could be sharing her sense of frustration. So she returned to her idea and started Tantrums LLC, one of a growing number of “rage rooms” in America where her frustrated clients come and blow off steam with the help of a baseball bat and some inanimate objects. Baker regularly advises clients on the best way to smash a TV.

While this may be a better alternative than beating the wife, the huge drawback is you cannot enjoy her tear-filled pleas inside the rage rooms.

4 thoughts on “This Room Is All The Rage

  1. I NEED this in my life. Some clueless jackass just rang the doorbell to ask a stupid question and woke up my finally sleeping Victoria. This seems less illegal than breaking every one of his fingers so he can never ring a fucking doorbell again.

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  2. Wonder if they will let you put a picture of someone who is on your shit list on a copier? That would make my day.


  3. Jenn – Go for it, sister; I ain’t no government witness. My cousin had a baby girl right about the time you had yours. He lives near Philly’s Italian Market, and two jackass quads went sprinting up his street, waking Emma just as she fell asleep.

    There’s a special place in Hell for people like that.

    Cathy – Or on a toolbox, because that would be more apropos.


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