We Smok’um Crack Pipe!

Blazing Saddles Indians

An Arizona Indian reservation has locked its gates in an effort to insulate themselves from the Border Patrol and DEA agents. Apparently, the residents dabble in pharmaceutical sales.

An Indian reservation along the Mexican border is prohibiting the Border Patrol from entering its land, which is a notorious smuggling corridor determined by the U.S. government to be a “High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA).” Homeland Security sources tell Judicial Watch that the road in the southeast corner of the reservation has been cordoned off by a barbed wired gate to keep officers out. A hand-written cardboard sign reading “Closed, Do Not Open” has been posted on the fence. “This is the location used most for trafficking drugs into the country,” a Border Patrol source told JW, adding that agents assigned to the area are “livid.”

The tribe, Tohono O’odham, created the barricade a few weeks ago, specifically to keep agents out of the reservation which is located in the south central Arizona Sonoran Desert and shares about 75 miles of border with Mexico.

As a law enforcement professional, I can offer an easy solution. Have UPS arrive with a parcel labeled “Sweet, Delicious Heroin,” and when the tribe tears open the boxes, all they will receive are smallpox-laced blankets. No muss, no fuss.

6 thoughts on “We Smok’um Crack Pipe!

  1. Another good example as to why we should eliminate any supposedly ‘sovereign’ nations within the borders of the US. The same laws should apply to everyone equally.
    If I were the border patrol, I’d take a bulldozer in there and grant myself an “easement”. The drugs being smuggled don’t stop at the edge of the res’.


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