Hack Uses Hackneyed Excuse For Hack

Hillary Clinton ShruggingFormer Secretary of State, current Democrat presidential front-runner, and dog-faced woman Hillary Clinton did not report attempted hacks of her personal email server.

Hillary Clinton failed to report multiple attempts to hack her personal email account during her tenure as secretary of state.

The revelation came in a lengthy report issued by the State Department’s inspector general, which faulted Clinton for violating federal regulations governing the use of personal email by high-ranking administration officials.

For those of you in Jersey, “violating federal regulations” is a classier way to say this twat broke the law.

According to the State Department watchdog, Clinton did not comply with policies implemented by the department in accordance with the Federal Records Act. Her senior staffers also violated federal records regulations.

The department’s inspector general also found no evidence that Clinton sought approval to use personal email to conduct official business.

So she violated federal law, federal records regulations, State Department policies, and good fashion sense. So, when can we expect an indictment? Bawahahahahahah!

10 thoughts on “Hack Uses Hackneyed Excuse For Hack

  1. For me it all boils down to FOI requests and Hilz not wanting we the people to know jack about what she was doing and saying at the State Dept and the Clinton Foundation.


  2. Clinton could run a school bus full of children off the rode and the dems would find a way to praise her.


  3. Metoo – The woman is a criminal, and millions of people consider her a role model. It’s embarrassing.

    Rob – Not to mention SEXIST!!!!!

    Cathy – “They were horrible kids with bad teeth and poor hygiene!”


    1. I wouldn’t give her credit for waddling, a lot of cute things like penguins and duck waddle. I would say more like she skittles like a roach or crab…


  4. Toothy – It’s water weight! Sexist!

    Doc – Absolutely correct. She could be indicted and her idiot fans would still vote for her.

    AV – Matching cells with Huma… her longtime companion?

    Rob – Wholesale, baby!


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