One Night In Bangkok

Toilet SnakeThe name Bangkok took on an entirely new meaning after a python came up through a Thai man’s toilet, bit him on the penis, and refused to let go.

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay was doing his business on a toilet in his home east of Bangkok when a python emerged through the bowl and bit his penis Wednesday.

The python wouldn’t let go, so he screamed for his wife to get a rope, the Khaosod English noted. He managed to tie the snake’s head to the bathroom door and extricate himself “before he passed out from loss of blood.”

This is exactly the reason why I always poop on my new neighbor’s lawn.

2 thoughts on “One Night In Bangkok

  1. My brother has a snake & all she eats are very small mice. Hmmm, wonder if the python can tell the difference…


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