BBQ On The BrazosA Texas barbecue joint has become ground zero of a spicy controversy after the owner had the temerity to ask patrons to visit the bathroom which corresponds to their God-given pink parts.

John Sanford owns BBQ on the Brazos – located about 30 minutes or so southwest of the stockyards in Fort Worth. It’s the place to go for brisket in Cresson.

A few years back, a truck driver, who also worked as a rodeo cowboy, would show up to order a plate of barbecue. This particular cowboy was partial to wearing ladies garments. He was a cross-dresser. It really wasn’t that big of a deal until the cross-dressing truck driver and rodeo cowboy used the ladies room.

So they put a sign on the bathroom door clearly explaining bathroom etiquette at BBQ on the Brazos: “No men allowed in women’s bathroom please.”

The cross-dressing trucker told the staff that he felt uncomfortable using the men’s room – but agreed to comply with their wishes. (H/T – TXNick)

Wow, common sense rears its head in Texas. Could have knocked me over with a feather. Of course, the BBQ at the Brazos will be sued for discrimination, mental distress, and sexual harassment in 3… 2…

8 thoughts on “A WTF At The BBQ

  1. Wyatt, on those days when you want to wear something frilly, don’t you just go into the stall and close the door?


  2. Proof – Well, it’s Texas, so I figure that’s fair enough warning.

    Metoo – I fear America is already on its deathbed.

    Rob – Actually, I prefer the door wide open.

    Cathy – Hey, if they didn’t want to see a show, they wouldn’t enter the bathroom, amirite?


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