Ali Scarecrow Stings Like When I Pee

Tribute To Ali ScarecrowA British hamlet celebrated Muhammad Ali during their annual scarecrow competition, and in the shock of all shocks, some pantywaists thought the creation was offensive.

A scarecrow paying tribute to the late Muhammad Ali in Awliscombe, near Honiton, Devon was slammed as inappropriate by one Twitter user.

Samuel Pinney posted the image adding: ‘Erm. People of Devon. ‘This is not an okay ‘Tribute’ to Ali.’ One Twitter user described it as ‘rudimentary’ but made with ‘good intent’ – whereas another described it as ‘hilarious’.

Mark me down in both the “Hilarious” column and the “I’m Old Enough To Remember When People Had A Sense Of Humor” column. Personally, I think the scarecrow is pretty ingenious; they just need to hook it up to a car engine to replicate Ali’s shakes.

What? Too soon?

6 thoughts on “Ali Scarecrow Stings Like When I Pee

  1. “What? Too soon?”


    Speaking of which:

    A gay muslim walks into a bar. The bartender says, “What will it be, pal?”

    Customer – “SHOTS FOR EVERYONE!!”

    Feel free to delete if this is too soon.


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