Chaka Fattah Indicted For Corruption

Indicted Congressman Chaka FattahCongressman Chaka Fattah, who represents West Philadelphia, was indicted yesterday for twenty-three counts of corruption, and three counts of being a Mumia abu-Jamal-supporting ass spelunker.

The 59-year-old Democrat, who represents West Philadelphia, was found guilty on all 23 charges he faced, which included racketeering, money laundering and fraud.

Normally I would bitch about CNN’s coverage, but the fact they plastered Chaka Con’s party affiliation across the article is worthy of a golf clap.

The charges stemmed from schemes to repay an illegal $1 million loan to Fattah’s failed 2007 Philadelphia mayoral campaign, with the Justice Department arguing that Fattah used federal grants and nonprofit funds, routed through campaign consultants to repay the loan.

Fattah issued a statement Tuesday afternoon touting his work on education and home foreclosures, saying he’s “proud of that record.”

Someone ought to ask Chaka Chip if he will be proud of his colon after a few months in federal prison. As an aside, I guess the irony of a money launderer handling home foreclosures is lost on the Democrats.

A spokesperson declined comment beyond the statement when asked if the congressman plans on stepping down.

I don’t know about you guys, but am anxiously awaiting Democrats call for Chaka Cake’s resignation. Oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet; and I probably shouldn’t hold my breath for it.

7 thoughts on “Chaka Fattah Indicted For Corruption

  1. Are father and son serving their time in the same prison? I see his kid is in prison for bank and tax fraud and has to pay back a cool 1.1 million. Seems there is a trend…..democrats appear to be greedy, lawbreaking hypocrites. Can’t believe Hillary’s IT guy, Pagliano, invoked the 5th amendment 125 times at his hearing yesterday.


  2. Metoo – Yes, Chaka Con and Chaka Chip are both felons, and both are incredibly arrogant. Prison will hopefully teach them some humility.

    The Pagliano thing is hilarious, mostly because Dems still don’t think there’s a “there” there.


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