Cream For Your Coffee

Coffee With BoobsWhile this may shatter the police officer stereotype, I do not – nor have I ever – enjoyed coffee. I do adore caffeine, but the coffee worship has always eluded me. I mean, how can something smell so divine and taste so ghastly?

Now while my distaste for the mocha battery acid is on record, I now find myself warming to a cup.

A firm in Geneva plans to open a café where customers can enjoy oral sex while they sip their morning coffee. Not everyone is happy with the idea.

I’ll bet guys are bursting at the seams for it, though.

The idea for the sex café has been brewing for several months, Bradley Charvet of the Geneva firm Facegirl told Geneva’s Le Matin newspaper recently.

The proposed Geneva café would add a new dimension to the sex trade in the city of the protestant reformer Calvin. Put simply, the business model would see men ordering a coffee and using an iPad to select a prostitute they want to perform oral sex on them. They would then sit at the bar.

So it’s just like ordering a cannoli, except an, um, “oral hygienist” helps you provide your own filling. Let’s all share the milk of human kindness!

“In five or ten minutes, it’s all over,” Charvet explained.

Five or ten minutes may be the norm for average men, but for me, these inhalation maestros better have ice packs, throat lozenges, and Gatorade at the ready.


6 thoughts on “Cream For Your Coffee

  1. Wyatt: you need to try French press–finally I’ve found a way to make coffee taste as good as it smells! Doesn’t take long and is a whole new experience!


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