Ashes To Ashes

John Ashe Strange Death

Meet John Ashe. Ashe was a former president of the UN general assembly who was being investigated for corruption and bribery. Ashe had ties to the Clinton administration through Chinese businessman Ng Lap Seng and the Democratic National Committee.

Ashe was found dead in his home after he dropped a barbell onto his throat.

John Ashe, who was accused by US prosecutors of taking bribes, died from neck trauma he suffered while lifting the barbell, a medical examiner concluded.

Ashe, 61, was pronounced dead from “traumatic asphyxia” after he had been on a bench lifting the barbell, said an official with the Westchester County Office of the Medical Examiner.

Ashe – a former UN ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda who served as general assembly president from 2013 to 2014 – was arrested in October and accused of taking US $1.3m in bribes from Chinese businessmen. Seven people have been charged to date, three of whom have pleaded guilty.

So a corrupt political official with ties to the Clintons is killed in a freak – almost unbelievable – accident right before his trial? Seems legit.


6 thoughts on “Ashes To Ashes

  1. Yeah. And hilbag cares about people. And oshit goes to Catholic mass every Sunday. And the earth is flat. And I’m a born-again virgin. Yeah.


  2. Doc – I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but between this and Vince Foster…

    TXNick – That was my first thought when I read this.

    Proof – Suicide by dumbbell!

    Cathy – You are? Well how YOU doin’?

    Mike – Yes. Yes it is.


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