Don’t Forget Your Rubbers

English Rubber Duck RaceA village in England called Bourton-on-the-Water recently reminded people the United States has not cornered the market on police idiocy.

Officers descended on Bourton-on-the-Water,to break up the charity event which was raising money for a local branch of Blood Bikes. The charity is made up of volunteer riders who operate a free blood and medical equipment delivery service to NHS facilities 24 hours a day.

Minutes after around 100 rubber ducks were launched into the River Windrush, which snakes through the centre of the village, a resident called police. According to an ancient bylaw, the river and the village green cannot be used on Sundays for fundraising purposes.

Officers from Gloucestershire Police ordered the organisers to halt the event or risk arrest.

How ironic would it be if one of these officers was injured, and no blood was available because these over-officious jerks shut down a friggin’ rubber duck race?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Rubbers

  1. If the charity event had been run by libtards to raise money for the religion of peace there would have no problem.


  2. LL – It’s just a cornucopia of stupid over there.

    Cathy – Or to raise money to remain in the EU. No problemo!

    Proof – I wonder if the organizers were billed for the violation?

    Metoo – Yeah, it’s a common problem in liberal enclaves.


  3. Now you see the reason behind Brexit–overly officious bureaucrats that have over regulated every aspect of the citizen’s lives.


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