Sunday Services

Alexander Skarsgård

Meet Alexander Skarsgård. Alexander is a 39-year old actor from Sweden, who has had roles in True Blood, Zoolander, Battleship, and the upcoming The Legend of Tarzan. Obviously, Alexander has the total package – no, not that package – of good looks and a solid body.

He’s like me, except with a Swedish accent. I only have a penchant for Swedish fish.

There are more pics below the fold.

So, is he selling a bed, sheets, chest wax, what?

Alexander Skarsgård Shirtless

How many of you ladies would like the check Alexander’s body for sand? That stuff gets everywhere.

Alexander-Skarsgård Beach

Enjoy your Sunday.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. Based on the separation between his abs it looks like he has a Diastasis Recti (abdominal wall separation) going on. I’ve got one from pregnancy which has been tons of fun to rehab, by the way. Looks like his problem was too many sit-ups without working the rest of his core. 😛


  2. Jenn – Most women would be happy looking at the photo than dissecting his medical history, but hey, whatever pops your tart. 🙂

    Cathy – I assume there will be some vine swinging?


    1. He has a serious hole in his abs! How is being one step to a major herniation sexy? Grr. Give me a man with normal abs. And chocolate. And wine.


        1. It’s been a rough week. Chocolate and wine must be separate.

          And I’ve got crazy belly scars too, it’s not great, eh?


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