Love For Sale

Brazil Bikini BabeThe disappointing debacle that has become the Rio Summer Olympics is hitting everyone hard. The Zika virus is keeping visitors away, Russia’s track team has been banned, and now desperate prostitutes are offering discounts for everything from a threesome to a half and half.

Prostitutes in Rio de Janeiro’s red light district are offering a ‘sex sale’ for visitors to the Olympic Games – after hopes of a boom during Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup two years ago flopped.

Sex workers in the city’s notorious Vila Mimosa zone claim that, despite high expectations in the run-up to the football tournament, business during the event actually fell substantially.

Now, with a month to go before the games, they say they have prepared a flyer in English inviting Olympic athletes to the red light area, near Rio’s city center, offering cut price deals.

The seedy leaflet says 30 minutes of sex is 40 reals (£9) – down 48 per cent on the normal price of 75 reals (£17).

Sadly, the Brazilian hoors are so riddled with STD’s, the term “half off” applies to both the fees and your post-coitus Johnson.


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