Skate Or Die

Julia At FDR Skate ParkOn Friday, I took Kyle to FDR Skatepark in South Philadelphia. FDR is a skate park built by skaters for skaters. Every part of the park was built my the community; no government assistance required (or needed).

Kevin went the week before, so naturally Julia wanted to go Friday. Kyle brought his BMX bike, while Julia and Kevin brought their scooters.

We lucked out with the weather – not that it would matter, because the park is located directly under Interstate 95 – literally. We also lucked out with the clientele, since there were only a few other skaters besides the kids. This gave Julia free reign, and since she didn’t exactly pay attention to where she was and almost caused a few wipeouts.

That said, by the end of the day, she was a true professional, and gained more confidence as the day went along.

Julia also had no problem with heights. She climbed to the top of the superpipe for this photo, but wasn’t ready to attack it with her scooter.

Julia Atop Superpipe

I don’t blame her…

Kyle is getting much better with his bike, landing tricks he wouldn’t even try a few months ago. Kevin is getting better on his scooter, and unlike Julia, always has his head on a swivel to avoid other skaters. Of course, there was also this…

Kevin's Road Rash

Kevin slid down a halfpipe, and earned some road rash on his stomach. While it hurt a lot, he did laugh and say, “My first FDR injury!” He got back on the horse a few minutes later and finished out the day. Everyone had a good time, and we are expecting to go back soon.


5 thoughts on “Skate Or Die

  1. Metoo – It was a great day, and they were all tired afterward, so bonus.

    Toothy – It’s a great park with great people.

    Cathy – They also ride through Neshaminy State Park. A nice little trail there.

    Steph – It was. Close to home and never too crowded.


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