Masterpiece Theater

Cosmo Kramer The Mango

A recent survey showed one in three men admitted to faking an orgasm. Now I’m no gynecologist – although I played one in high school – but wouldn’t the woman know if a guy faked it? I mean, there would be no, um, residue.

Seven out of 10 women admit they have faked an orgasm – as have one in three men, a survey says.

One in 10 men said they had faked an orgasm during a one-night stand after realizing they had made a mistake.

Men were three times more likely to pretend with their wife or long-term partner than with someone they had just started dating or having an affair with.

I faked it. Well you know, sometimes it’s enough already and I just wanna get some sleep.


One thought on “Masterpiece Theater

  1. I guessing the only way a woman would not know if a guy is faking is if they are too drunk to know what is going on. During marriage #1 I had a whole lot of fakin’ goin’ on. Marriage #2 never faked it. now that I am widowed, only my “goodie drawer” knows.


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