Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Sunset Point AZ

If you noticed the sporadic posting and nonexistent commenting – and judging by my lack of hate mail, you haven’t – the Earp clan is vacationing in sunny Arizona! We’re visiting our friends Kevin and Kari, and it’s the first time back in the Grand Canyon State since 2006.

Obviously, it’s Kevin and Julia’s first time here. Kevin keeps looking for scorpions and rattlesnakes, while Julia wants to see a tumbleweed. We have, however, seen more cacti than we can count…


I did see about a dozen coyotes while driving with Kevin to pick up dinner Tuesday night, so that’s something.

There’s more below…

After spending our first day at Kevin and Kari’s home in Tucson, we traveled to Flagstaff to spend four days in a rental. This place is immense, and it sits on a golf course. Flagstaff is a good thirty degrees cooler than Phoenix – score! – and is closer to the Grand Canyon and Slide Rock Park – our next two day trips.

On the way to Flagstaff, we stopped at Sunset Point to take in the view.

Sunset Point

Besides the Grand Canyon and Slide Rock, we plan on hitting Tombstone and the Pima Air and Space Museum. It should be a busy week.

I’ll keep posting here while vacationing, but if my commenting is not immediate, it’s because we’re fighting off killer scorpions.

8 thoughts on “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

  1. If you go to Tombstone, you need to have a pic taken of you by things with the original Wyatt Earp’s name & picture.


  2. I’m jealous… Tombstone is my favorite little town in the USA.

    Get a pic of you in front of the Oriental Saloon and the Crystal Palace while you are there. And, of course, next to the gravesite of Lester Moore. R.I.P., Lester. No more slugs from a .44


  3. L-Frame – That’s right by where we are now in Flagstaff.

    Toothy – The closest Kyle has come to seeing wildlife is a rabbit. He said, “Pfft, I can see those in Philly.”

    Metoo – It’s gorgeous here. I want to move here and never go back.

    MelP – We’re planning on Tombstone in a few days. The last time we went, it rained, so we couldn’t see the shootout reenactment.

    TXNick – We took a tour through the Birdcage Theater last time. It’s amazing.


    1. Yep, I did that also. The “Helldorado Café” has a nice breakfast in case you’re up early. And next time I’m down there, I plan on taking in the ghost town tour just south of Bigsbee. My brother “Texas Ned” said that was fun also.

      So much to do…. so little time.


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