Pooling Our Resources

Jumping Into Swimming Hole

Yesterday we woke at the crack of Holy Crap It’s Early O’Clock with plans on going to Slide Rock Park in Sedona. Slide Rock is a natural water park with a giant swimming hole and a rock water slide. It’s something the kids have been looking forward to for a few weeks.

We trekked to the park down an insanely winding mountain road, pulled up to the parking attendant, and were told we had to swim at our own risk because there was a high bacteria count in the water.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan was bathing there.

Thee kids were crushed, and Kevin, Kari, Mrs. Earp and I discussed our options. Kari suggested we headed through Sedona to Crescent Moon Ranch. They have some kickass hiking trails and a swimming hole…

It did not disappoint.

Swimming Hole At Crescent Moon Ranch

Crescent Moon is blessed with a few crystal clear streams and a rather larger swimming hole (above). The water was crazy cold at first, but once the sun got going, it was fantastic. Kyle and Erik eventually got the courage to jump off the rocks (top), and they spent much of the day leaping and somersaulting into the pool.

Kevin On Red Rock

Kevin and Julia spent time in the water, as did Kevin and Kari’s son and daughter, but when Kevin wasn’t swimming, he was hamming it up for dad’s camera. It was another great day in Arizona, and tomorrow Erik gets to fulfill the top spot on his bucket list: we’re going to the Grand Canyon.


5 thoughts on “Pooling Our Resources

  1. The wife and I went to the Grand Canyon years ago, and were lucky enough to watch the sun set over it, in a cloudless sky. On the same trip, we toured Carlsbad Caverns. Amazing trip.
    stay safe


  2. That place looks amazing. Slide Rock was recently voted one of the best “secret” swimming holes in the country. I guess the secret is out.


  3. Metoo – Yeah, my abdominal incision probably wouldn’t welcome e-coli.

    Lergnom – We went early this morning to beat the crowds. It was much better than I expected. I could have stayed there all day.

    Jenn – The scorpions may return on Sunday, when we leave the rental property and head back to Kevin and Kari’s house in Tucson. But yes, so far the vacation has been excellent.

    Ingineer – It’s supposed to be pretty awesome when the water isn’t filthy. The place we went instead was fantastic, and less crowded.


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