Traffic Jam When You’re Already Late

Office Space Traffic JamNobody likes Mondays. Monday is the start of the work week, the end of that weekend fling with a blonde Buffalo Wild Wings hostess, and home to the worst traffic jams of the week.

Indonesia suffered through three consecutive Mondays last week, when twelve people died in a 72-hour long traffic jam.

A dozen people died during a massive three-day, 13-mile traffic jam this week in Indonesia.

The jam was caused by construction at an intersection on the island of Java. The construction just so happened to coincide with millions of people heading home to celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

Most of the victims, who died between Sunday and Tuesday, were elderly people stuck in hot cars and suffering from dehydration and exhaustion.

Where the hell were the Indonesian entrepreneurs? Grab your bicycle, buy a case of water, charge ten bucks a bottle, and pay for 72 virgins here on planet Earth.


4 thoughts on “Traffic Jam When You’re Already Late

  1. Proof – Mrs. Earp is not a blonde, sadly, but she lets me occasionally give a waitress “just the tip.”

    MelP – No, her best cosplay is wearing a hockey jersey and little else.


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