Sunday Services

Danielle Fishel Lingerie

Since I am still enjoying beautiful, sunny Arizona, today’s edition of Sunday Services will feature babes from the Grand Canyon State. First up is Danielle Fishel, who starred in the 1990’s sitcom Boy Meets World. Danielle hails from Mesa, AZ, where she apparently learned how to fill out lingerie.

There is more sunny goodness below the fold…

Next up is supermodel/actress Amber Valletta. Amber hails from Phoenix, and can be seen in Revenge, Hitch, and The Transporter 2. She can also be seen in my bedroom whenever she has a spare thirty seconds.

Amber Valletta Sexy

Last, but definitely not least, the one, the only, Lynda Carter. Lynda also hails from the wonderful city of Phoenix, and single-handedly jump started me into puberty. She can tie me up with the Lasso of Sploosh any time.

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

I’d remark that I’ll be in my bunk, but when this posts, I’ll be in the middle of a four and a half hour drive to Tucson. So, drive now, bunk later.


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