Please Make It Stop

Female GhostbustersThe Ghostbusters reboot – with the politically-correct all-female cast – opens this weekend, and the reviews are about what you’d expect. In short, having Melissa McCarthy sit on your genitals would be a more enjoyable experience.

When the fledgling team of paranormal investigators in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot post details of their first supernatural encounter online, one of the comments it elicits is: “Ain’t no bitches gonna hunt no ghosts.” It’s a clever wink at the kneejerk hostility engendered among self-appointed guardians of the beloved ’80s comedy franchise, long before the new movie was publicly screened. The unfunny mess that hits theaters Friday, like a big goopy splat of ectoplasm, will no doubt make those naysayers feel vindicated.

In all honesty, I have no idea who Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are. I know Kristen Wiig is a decent voice-over actor, but she is homelier than Jessica Chastasin.

As for McCarthy, I have a serious question: why is this woman famous? She makes Camryn Manheim look like Kate Moss, has the theatrical presence of Rosie Perez, and is about as funny as my morning bowel movements. Yet this heifer still gets work. I mean, Hollywood is just f**king with us, right? She cannot possibly have fans, right? Is it just me?

7 thoughts on “Please Make It Stop

  1. I totally agree. How did her show “Mike and Molly” stay on the air so long? I saw a couple episodes and thought that everyone on there was just annoying and not at all funny. Fat people can be entertaining, but they need to have at least a bit of talent………………..


  2. Proof – Dog owners take note: the Melissa McCarthy chew toy is now available!

    Tam – Agreed. I saw a few episodes and they simply weren’t funny. It’s not personal, per se, but if you’re trying to be a comedian, be occasionally funny.


  3. What irritates me is that Chris Hemsworth is in this one & I’m really starting to worry that he’s gonna get blamed for this one tanking, instead of the craptastic female leads.


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