Time Has Come Today

Hot GunslingerAlthough I am on a well-deserved vacation, I feel it is my responsibility to put up some drek interesting, informative posts to entertain you rubes good people.

The problem with living in Pennsylvania, but posting in Arizona is I can never keep my time zones straight. There is also the inconvenience of waking up while the east coast is already enjoying their three martini sack lunches.

After talking to Kevin and Kari about this, they demanded mentioned it is difficult to participate in the Weekend Caption Contests because by time they are up and on the computer, the good entries are snatched up.

After posting in Flagstaff and Tucson for five days, I realize they have a valid point. So, I am officially moving my post times forward to pander to accommodate my western readers. Instead of 7am Eastern posts, you’ll see 10am Eastern posts, and forward from there. Hopefully, this will keep the blog slightly more current for everyone, and allow more interactive bitching commenting.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled breakfast/brunch/lunch.


6 thoughts on “Time Has Come Today

  1. Wyatt, if you’re going to accommodate us out in the West, could you do something about the timing on your weekend caption contest. My “weekend” usually starts around 1 PM on Wednesday. Anything you can do to match those times any better?? Appreciate it!


  2. I just read that there was a facebook posting with some nitwit threatening to blow up 3 Philly police “districts”. Have you heard from any of your friends (yeah, using the term loosely) from work about this?


  3. MelP – I haven’t heard any specifics from work – I gave strict instructions to not bother me – except that they are treating the threat as real, and looking for the poster.


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