The Grand Illusion

Grand Canyon 1On Saturday, Erik crossed off the number one event for his Bucket List. We visited the Grand Canyon.

For those who haven’t been there, the Grand Canyon cannot be adequately described with words. It’s much larger than I expected – TWSS – and much more beautiful than I imagined. It’s also very crowded, with people from around the world visiting – many of them while we were there. We heard many accents, and the most hilarious was this tiny little Asian woman screaming at her family in Chinese. You could hear her from miles away, just screaming gibberish at no one in particular.

Kyle and I could have stayed the entire day, but the heat and the crowds took its toll on the others. It was a fantastic trip, and I highly recommend it.

Grand Canyon 2

There’s more below the fold…

On Sunday, we stopped in Sedona, the Beverly Hills of Arizona. It is a gorgeous town with a good half mile of shops and restaurants. There were other surprises, including an outdoor exhibit featuring many examples of the desert wildlife. Take tarantulas, for example…

Kevin Tarantula

I don’t like tarantulas. At all. They are the scariest of the spider species, and if I saw one on the sidewalk, I would probably wet my pants. Of course, I was not going to let my 8-year old son show me up, so I volunteered to hold the arachnid as well…

Me With Tarantula

In all honesty, it was not bad. It felt like a stuffed animal, and my only trouble was trying to keep it in my hands. It kept trying to escape, and the last thing I wanted to happen was it to jump out of my palm.

I’m not sure if my fear of tarantulas has been cured, but I certainly have a new respect for them. They’re actually pretty cool.

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this picture of Princess P with pink javelinas.

Pink Javelina

Vacation comes to a close on Wednesday, and no one is looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “The Grand Illusion

  1. My bucket list has rafting the Grand Canyon way near the top. One of these days… When I was 12, we hiked down to the Indian Gardens, about halfway down the South Rim. It was great fun, but not too easy walking back. My physical therapist is one of those Ironman triathlete nutjobs and he and his buddies biked from near Denver to the north rim. Then, they ran down to the bottom, up the other side to the top, then back down and back up to where they started – 17 hrs. Not my idea of fun, but the Grand Canyon is truly awesome. I haven’t been in maybe 35 years. Time to go again. Maybe in the fall when the crowds thin out a bit. Bummer on having to go back home.


  2. RG – We were at the South Rim, and Kyle and I wanted to hike a trail, but we were outnumbered by the little ones. It was a little too hot, anyway. Such a great place, though.


  3. My Lady & I did the Grand Canyon a few years ago when I was working near Phoenix. Awesome doesn’t come close to describing it. As usual, your family pix are nicely done. Have fun, and enjoy the time away from work (WORK!, to quote Maynard G. Krebbs).


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