Alien Nation

Mayor Jim Tipsy Kenney

In a rare moment of clarity, the Justice Department announced it is withholding federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities, until those municipalities fall in line with the law. Philadelphia Mayor Jim *hic* Kenney hardest hit.

A new Justice Department policy announced last week bars sanctuary cities such as Philadelphia, the host of the Democratic National Convention, from receiving millions of dollars worth of federal law enforcement grants, putting further pressure on Pennsylvania Democrats to abandon policies that impede federal immigration officials.

Just as an aside, I want to make it clear I totally and completely support this decision, even though it will most likely hurt me in the wallet. Why? Because unlike other Philadelphia employees – looking at you, public school teachers – I realize this decision is what’s best for the city, not for me.

The Justice Department notified cities last Thursday that they would no longer receive federal law enforcement grants, which totaled $3.4 billion in the past five years, if they have laws on the books that interfere with requests for immigration information from federal authorities.

Philly was slated to receive $1.68 million this year, some of which would cover overtime for officers forced to work the DNC. (Our days off will be canceled during the event.) Again, high-larious!

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who implemented the policy that bars cooperation between city law enforcement and federal immigration agents earlier this year, has resisted pressure from the Obama administration to back down on the issue. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson even traveled to Philadelphia to personally request that Kenney change course but was rejected.

Even die hard Democrat lickspittles like Kenney should realize you never disobey King Barack I. Apparently our mayor is a dumb as he is stupid.

It’s already been a bad week for Tipsy McStagger, since hundreds of workers at Philadelphia International Airport voted to strike during the convention. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


6 thoughts on “Alien Nation

  1. So Seattle, San Francisco and Austin, just to name a few of my least favorite cities, will be crying spoiled brats. YAHOOO!


  2. Partial credit can be given to PA Senator Pat Toomey, who kept calling for this with respect to Philly. The fact all cities will be punished now is delicious.

    Proof – Not to mention Lady Gaga. That broad is not of this Earth.


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