I’m Already Baiting My Rod

KrystenPotega FishbraSocial media sites were originally created to help people keep in touch with each other. In the years which followed, it spiraled into a cesspool of selfies, food pr0n, and smut, finally reaching rock (lobster) bottom with this new craze.

The latest internet fad has women falling for it hook, line and sinker. It’s called the “fishbra” & consists of a woman holding up a fish over her chest as if it’s a brassiere.

The bizarre fad seems to have been popularized by an Instagram page called, appropriately enough, Fishbras.

Interesting, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to unleash “fishpanties” upon the world?

XOAMFO Fishbra

Come on, you have to admit that was pretty funny.


18 thoughts on “I’m Already Baiting My Rod

  1. Now this is something for which to wish,
    A comely young lass, quite a dish.
    Standing sans-a-bra,
    Makes this cowboy go yee-hah!
    Now if she would just drop that fish!


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