I’m Back!

IMAG0497After eight glorious days in the most beautiful state in the nation, we’re back home in Philadelphia.


Arizona was, as Erik put it, amaze-balls. It was great to see Kevin, Kari, Mykenzie, and Nick after so long, and they made this trip our best vacation ever. Kyle and I already want to move there permanently, but so far, we’re outnumbered by the rest of the Earp clan.

We spent our last full day in Tombstone, and as you would guess, it was awesome. No rain, this time, and we saw pretty much everything – including Boot Hill, which we missed last time.

Clanton McLaury Gravesite

It’s a particularly solemn place filled with amazing history. Many of the interred were either shot or hanged, and strikingly, many children are buried there. Boot Hill really illuminates the violence and harsh conditions surrounding Tombstone in the late 1800’s…

The kids really liked it, and even if most of them don’t know me as “Wyatt Earp,” sometimes their choice of picture spots is perfect. Like when Kevin wanted a photo near the Gunfighter Hall of Fame.

Kevin Gunfighter HoF

Or when Julia looks entirely too happy to be sent to jail.

Julia In Jail

I want to again thank Kevin and Kari for hosting us and showing us the sights. I’m sure they will be ready for another six-person invasion around 2045.

We landed in Philly yesterday afternoon, and while we’re still recovering from the jet lag and the driving. Kevin and I each drove 1,400 miles during our week in AZ, so I never want to drive again.

I have two glorious days off until I return to work, then I can gird my loins for the Democratic National Convention. It should be, um, interesting.


10 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. My condolences that you had to return to Philly. I used to work in Tucson and love the place, though it’s a tad warm in the summer. I used to enjoy visiting the Kitt Peak observatory, you should put it on your list for next visit. It’s great to have friends who will put you up and give you a tour of the place.

    Now that you are home and have to put up with the Demonrat convention, do all we readers a favor and stay safe out there.


  2. RG – Kevin lives in Vail, just southeast of Tucson, but we spent time in Sedona, Flagstaff, Tucson, and Tombstone. We kept very busy, but it was well worth it.

    We’re supposed to be receiving our orders tomorrow. I am 99.9% sure I will be sent to the DNC, which sucks, because we are expecting violence.


  3. It was a good time, and next time hopefully you guys can visit in the fall or winter. RG, Kitt Peak and the Ice Cats are on the list for their next visit. Wyatt, I’ve been dragging ass since Monday and working an 11 hour day today did not help. I should’ve taken off today….Damnit!!!!


  4. Kevin – Kevin and Julia woke up at about 10:30am, four hours later than normal. We’re all exhausted, so I can’t imagine how tired you’re feeling right now.


  5. My lady & I (too briefly) discussed selling just about everything & moving the motorhome to Tombstone, just so I can play cowboy for the rest of my days. Unfortunately, she won the “discussion.”

    (Old Texas Proverb: There are two theories about having an argument with a woman…
    … Neither one works.)


  6. It was a great time! So sorry I had to bail early 😦 I’m exhausted as well, traveling to/from Dallas in such a short period of time and then hitting the ground running with work once I got back. Oh well the weekend is almost here and rest assured I will be on the couch staring at the television:)

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  7. TXNick – Kyle and I would move on a moment’s notice, but Mrs. Earp wants to stay near her family. Pfft, wuss.

    Kari – If you really loved us, you’d quit your job. And I blame your fantastic cooking – mmm, breakfast burritos – for my five-pound weight gain.


  8. Kari,

    If you live in the DFW area, I’d love to have you meet my Missus & me at a local waterhole. We’d see if there is a way to entice Wyatt to move there & become an “Honorary Texan.”


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