Who Wears Short Shorts?

Vylyv ShortsWhen I was in college – late 80’s, early 90’s – I was fit enough to wear spandex shorts. I wore them often, especially under my lacrosse shorts for extra hugging in my cup area.

At the time, people warned the tight shorts would not only cradle my perfect, apple-shaped bottom, but also kill my baby batter.

Oh how times have changed.

The boner-building biker-style shorts are the creation of VylyV (vill-live), a start-up that plans to raise funds soon via Kickstarter.

The shorts work by recording your movements throughout the day and sending that info to an app that designs workout plans and guidelines to improve your pelvic floor muscles doing butt-squeezing kegel exercises.

Strengthening those muscles improves blood flow to the sex organs, according to the Mayo Clinic.

My Johnson can already cut glass, but who among us can say no to some extra girth?


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