Baton Rouge Police Officers Murdered

Baton Rouge Police Officers MurderedThree Baton Rouge police officers were assassinated and three others were wounded by an armed black male Sunday morning, in an incident which appears to be the new normal for America.

One East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office deputy and two Baton Rouge Police Department officers were killed and three others wounded during a Sunday morning shooting on Airline Highway near the Hammond Aire Plaza.

Authorities later identified the dead shooter as Gavin Long, of Kansas City, Missouri. Social media posts indicate that Long was an active member of an anti-government group called New Freedom Group.

A motive has yet to be established that connects the shooting to recent protests in Baton Rouge.

Oh please. The piece of garbage was a black male who hated police, so I’m fairly sure he was at least partially influenced by the Black Lives Matter terrorist group.

EBRSO’s Sid Gautreaux confirmed that one of the BRPD officers killed was 41 years old with less than a year of service. The other was a 32-year-old and was a 10 year veteran of the force. The other officer killed was an EBR Sheriff’s deputy. The injured EBRSO deputy is 41 years old, and is currently fighting for his life in critical condition at Baton Rouge General hospital.

This marks ten police officers shot to death since July 1st (31 total by gunfire), and sixty-six total officers killed in the line of duty this year. Make no mistake, if you live in a big city, this war on police is coming to your neighborhood sooner rather than later.


5 thoughts on “Baton Rouge Police Officers Murdered

  1. RG – Absolutely. I started carrying my spare magazines with me, because I truly expect the war to come to Philly.

    Cathy – Amen. None of these officers did anything except show up for work yesterday. For that, they were murdered by a black man who hated “crackers.”


    1. Last firearms training I had, which I hate to admit was awhile ago, I attended with a group of Christian missionaries headed to Africa. They had some really interesting conversations and stories, many of them having had “combat” experience while attempting to spread the Gospel in Africa already. Their thing was to get more proficient with their handguns so that they had a better chance to fight their way to the car, where a long gun was available. Scary shit if you ask me. The point being, I hope your command staff allows you guys to have some long guns and shotguns available all the time. Especially if you are working a desk and have to respond to the public. The beat cops need to be like these guys I describe, they need to get to their long guns to have a fighting chance with what this assassins are all planning now. I’m long retired, but I’m carrying everywhere now, with at least 3 spare mags and usually more than one gun with spares for it too. Paranoid? Maybe, but better safe than sorry.


  2. RG – Many Philly cops are long gun trained, but they didn’t bother with detectives. The Feds are pretty much running things here, anyway, so we just sit back and look pretty.


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