Jilted Woman Literally Flips Someone Off

Brianda RamirezMeet Brianda Ramirez of, where else, Florida.

Brianda is a hot piece of ace with an even hotter Latin temper. In fact, she is so hot she was recently arrested wearing only a bra.

Gabriel Sandoval, 38, said he and Brianda Ramirez began to argue in her apartment after he revealed he wanted to end their one-year relationship.

Ramirez told police the couple had just finished having sex, and she threw on a bra and got into her sedan so that she could follow Sandoval after he left her apartment.

I’m sorry, but that’s an quality move, banging the chick before dumping her. God, if I could go back to high school and college again…

Ramirez told police that Sandoval refused to talk to her and drove off, but she continued to follow him. She intentionally hit the truck of Sandoval as he attempted to make a right turn and caused it to flip over.

Witnesses at the scene told police that the driver did not stop their car after crashing into Sandoval. (H/TAOSHQ)

Okay, Brianda isn’t going to win any Nobel Peace prizes, but look at her! She’s absolutely worth the repair/medical bills.

Besides, bones heal, chicks dig scars, and the United States of America has the best auto mechanic-to-boyfriend ratio in the world.


12 thoughts on “Jilted Woman Literally Flips Someone Off

  1. Wonder if she was charged with indecent exposure? Although from the looks of her picture perhaps a better charge would be incredibly decent exposure. However, looks may not play a part if she is bat guano crazy.


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