Police Officers Of The World Unite!

Krispy Kreme Cheerwine Doughnut SodaThe good folks at Krispy Kreme have created a soda guaranteed to make your eyes glaze over. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Cheerwine.

Krispy Kreme formed a cavity-birthing union with soft drink brand Cheerwine to produce cherry cola that also tastes like Krispy Kreme’s iconic glazed doughnut, according to reports. It’s called Cheerwine Kreme. But it’s only available in North Carolina for now.

Fact: Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts are the greatest doughnuts in all the land. Given the choice between a night of hot, sweaty sex with Kate Winslet and a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut, I would have to seriously weigh my options. That said, glazed doughnut soda? Eh, I’ll pass.


2 thoughts on “Police Officers Of The World Unite!

  1. I ate my share of doughnuts on the job. I haven’t had enough time with Kate Winslet. I don’t think the choice is too difficult here.


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