Beaver Gets Bent

BeaverA 67-year old female paddle boarder realized it still isn’t safe to go back into the water; at least not in North Carolina.

The irony of the situation likely wasn’t lost on Betsy Bent, who while paddle boarding on North Carolina’s Beaver Lake was attacked by a beaver. The 67-year-old [said] after she saw a splash, something swam under her board, causing her to lose her balance and fall in the water.

“Then it latched onto my leg and wouldn’t let go. I didn’t know what it was at that time. I didn’t think there was any ‘Jaws’ in Beaver Lake.”

A nearby fisherman got the animal to release, only to bite down on her hand, release, and latch onto the other. The fisherman was ultimately able to help get the beaver to give up and brought Bent to shore. Her wounds were stitched and stapled.

After the attack, Betsy decided to have the beaver stuffed. Heh.


7 thoughts on “Beaver Gets Bent

  1. Having been raised in Asheville, I cannot remember ever seeing a beaver in Beaver Lake; however, I did run into a few on Reynold’s Mountain(overlooks the lake) on Friday and Saturday nights while in high school. I don’t remember any of them attacking, they had to be gently coaxed into participation.


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