Throwing The Book At Them

Kevin And Julia In Flagstaff Hot TubKevin and Julia were watching some show Wednesday night, where one of the characters said his dream life is “to play video games and write books.” I overheard it and quipped, “I play World of Tanks all day and wrote a book.”

The kids both looked at me and said, “You didn’t write a book.”

I was dumbfounded. I replied, “Um, yeah, I wrote a book with a friend of mine. It only sold about 200 copies, but I wrote it.”

Again: “No you didn’t, Dad.”

It was time to go to the videotape. I told Kevin and Julia to follow me upstairs. I went to me dresser drawer and pulled out an author’s copy of Only Son. I told them to read the cover out loud.

They said, “Only Son… Oh my God, your name is on this! You’re famous!”

I politely explained no, I was not at all famous, but I did write a book, and am presently working on a solo effort. I won’t be famous after that one, either… except with my kids.


4 thoughts on “Throwing The Book At Them

  1. Metoo – Especially since they used to call me a racist and yelled “Kids lives matter!”

    TXNick – I’m working on it. Surgery and the AZ trip slowed the pace.

    Proof – Isn’t parenting grand?


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