Oh My God, They Shilled For Kenney!

Mayor Jim Kenney Supports Black Lives MatterYou bastards!

Philadelphia Mayor Jim *hic* Kenney poured himself onto center stage yesterday with the opening of another bottle of whiskey the Democratic National Convention, and as usual, he made a complete jackass of himself.

On today’s Morning Joe, Kenney was asked about the prevalence of Black Lives Matter voices and concerns to be heard at this week’s DNC. He responded with a condemnation of law enforcement, the court system and even the Declaration of Independence.

Kenney declared that black lives “haven’t mattered in our country over the history of law enforcement and in the criminal courts and in the way people have been treated from the 1600s up until now. When the Declaration of Independence was signed, it was all men are equal: well, all white men with land were created equal.”

[T]he Declaration was a truly revolutionary document in establishing the moral principle of equality, unprecedented in the world of its time, and laying the groundwork for future progress. For a modern politician like Kenney to slander the Framers, along with today’s police and court system, is grotesque.

During the mayoral election, Kenney presented himself as an ardent supporter of police officers and firefighters. Anyone Philadelphian with an IQ over 25 knows this is an outright lie, and to prove my point, the dullards at the Philadelphia Fraternal order of Police wholeheartedly supported this clown. Now, six months after he was sworn in, Kenney throws Philly cops under the bus in order to embrace Black Lives Matter, a terror group which calls for the murder of police officers.

But that’s Kenney; he smiles at your face while stabbing your back.

5 thoughts on “Oh My God, They Shilled For Kenney!

  1. In the city of Philly,
    Comes a crowd so silly.
    To see and hear
    Politicians so dear,
    Running around, willy-nilly.

    And up to the podium did swagger,
    Or should I say, “did stagger,”
    T’was no Gentleman Jim,
    Who’s chances are slim,
    To charm a lady and bag her.

    He read some speech,
    Where he did beseech,
    All to vote
    For a misanthrope,
    But it sounded more like a screech.

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  2. Does this jackass have Philly cops for his security detail? There’s a job I wouldn’t want.

    Oh, and +3 for TxNick


  3. Metoo – Every day this week, one of his staffers is sending out emails and tweets about what a “great job” we’re doing, then derides us as racists and bigots on national TV. The man is a drunken stumblebum who should shut his whiskey hole.

    RG – The mayoral detail is a “Who Do You Know?” assignment. Believe me, the cops assigned to him are all aboard the Hope and Change Train.


  4. And what’s the chances that your union will endorse him when he runs for re-election? 110%? or is that too low?


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