Thank God For Them Internets

Bernie Socialist FeastThe internet has been around long enough that even the stupidest of people – lookin’ at you, Kardashians – have realized you never ask people their opinions in an online forum. Sadly, McDonald’s New Zealand branch has not received the memo.

By 2016—a year in which the Internet already voted to name a $300 million ship “Boaty McBoatface”—you’d think McDonald’s might have learned its lesson: crowdsourcing ideas from the dark depths of the web almost always ends in unmitigated disaster.

Still, the New Zealand arm of the multi-national fast-food chain recently launched—and quickly canceled—a “Create Your Taste” promotion, encouraging Internet trolls to “make burger history” by re-mixing McDonald’s ingredients in new, interesting ways. From the very beginning, the ill-advised promotional campaign was like watching a car crash happen in ultra-slow motion.

Some of the inventions are rather funny, but I was most offended by “Ron’s Creamy Surprise.” If these people had a brain, they’d swipe my idea, which I have named, “Stairway To Heaven.”

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