Eat, Pray, Shove

Exhibitionists Pray For ForgivenessAn Irish man and an American woman literally prayed for forgiveness after being caught kneeling at the altar in Thailand.

An Irish tourist caught enjoying oral sex in public while on holidays has been fined €50 after handing himself into local cops.

A video of the chap having his todger tended to by a bikini-clad American lass went viral this month after the couple were caught red-handed by furious locals. The mucky movie begins with a woman shouting “hello, hello” after spotting the pair. A man calls out: “What are you doing here, why you f***ing outside here?”

After apologizing to authorities on Phi Phi Island the couple sucked up their punishment — accepting a fine of 2000 baht for acting inappropriately in public.

Wait a minute, Thailand – the sex capital of the free world and host to hoors and ladyboys – was outraged over two skinny white people testing their gag reflex? What year is this?

By the way, the Irish man also apologized and paid a $50 fine to the American woman for his tiny penis.

5 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Shove

  1. When in Thailand you shouldn’t touch tongues. Thais often don’t even hold hands or hug in public, so any kissing or extra closeness is out of the question. It’s okay to sneak a little peck in here or there, but keep it rated G. There was nothing G rated about this couple.


  2. Doesn’t the comb-over cop on the right just look sad and introspective like he doesn’t really want to be there?

    Comb-over cop:
    “WTF have I done that I should end up here posing for a picture behind some fricking smiling jackasses who couldn’t keep it in their pants until they got back yo their hotel. I am beginning to question my life choices. Maybe I should have gone into pimpin’ like my cousin but I heard it wasn’t easy and I always was a lazy bastard … what are we doing again?”


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