Prison Cake

Marissa Christopher Playboy

Meet Marissa Christopher. Marissa is a model for Playboy South Africa – which I hear you can buy for two Krugerrands – whose hobbies include sunbathing, shopping, and springing gangsters from maximum security prisons.

Marissa Christopher was to act as paymaster for a string of corrupt officials colluding with her lover, gangster Radovan Krejcir, in the audacious heist that would involve an armed gang storming the prison compound and a private plane to a new life in the Argentine sunshine.

The bold conspiracy was foiled when guard uniforms, guns, ammunition and plans of the jail house were found during a raid on Krejcir’s cell earlier this year.

Prosecutor Lawrence Gcaba told Kempton Park Magistrates Court that the plan to spring Krejcir from jail was to be ‘a full on assault’ of the facility, involving a gang of ten wielding assault rifles, storming the compound to free the Czech fugitive using inside information from corrupt warders, who have since been rounded up.

Hey, hey, hey! That doesn’t make Marissa a bad person. Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a phone number at her.

5 thoughts on “Prison Cake

  1. I don’t get her attraction to him unless all she sees is $$$$$$$$ when she looks at him. I’m guessing it would be like bedding the Pillsbury dough-boy.


  2. I’m confused…
    What can be bought for two Krugerrand? Playboy South Africa, or Ms. Christopher? If it’s the latter, I’m cracking open my piggy bank…


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