Asleep At The Witch

Chief Wiggum Sleeping

It’s been a long, hot, sweat-soaked underwear kind of week, but the Democratic National Convention will end later this evening, and with it, my orgasm-inducing amount of overtime. And yes, while the OT is going to be glorious, it is not without its drawbacks. To wit:

Seven straight 12-hour workdays do terrible, horrible things to the human body, especially when you are working while the rest of the law-abiding world is sleeping. I’m fairly certain I shrunk an inch or two, and my bowel is confused by my frequent late night dumps. It also doesn’t help when a certain political party – try to guess which one; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised – spends four straight days ranting about how much they despise you and your chosen profession.

Similarly, while the protests are making headlines, we are dealing with the same amount of homicides, shootings, stabbings, robberies, etc. we always see, but now with a skeleton crew. Most of our personnel is at the convention, and some detectives have already had 15-20 hour workdays. We have had a shooting every night, and a couple homicides. So there’s that.

Finally, I don’t even remember what my family looks like, although I’m pretty sure two of them are gingers. I come home, go to sleep, and wake up around 3pm, just a little over an hour before getting ready to go back to work. And with days off canceled, my next day off is Tuesday. Yeah. I fully expect to sleep the entire day, and maybe half of Wednesday.

Oh, lest I forget, I finish up tomorrow morning at 6am, just in time to start my day work tour at 7am. I am the only detective who has to suffer through this anomaly, so I will be enjoying a 21-hour workday.

12 thoughts on “Asleep At The Witch

  1. Let us know when it starts to get tough! What you described sounds like a walk in the park! (At a combined BLM/OWS rally…after dark…after they’ve shot out all the streetlamps…and couldn’t find the latrine!
    Hang in there ’til Tuesday!


  2. Good thing you’re just a youngin’ or this might take a serious toll. If you wake up at all on Wednesday, this old gal would like some eye candy for her birthday. I shudder to think how old I am going to be.


  3. RG – I’m thinking a nice power nap will fix me right up. :/

    Proof – Thanks. Saturday through Tuesday should be a breeze. Tonight/tomorrow will be a nightmare. Well, it would be if I could get some sleep, which I can’t.

    Metoo – 39 again? I’ll write myself a note for a birthday post.


  4. Wyatt, you’re awesome. Pure hero. Just putting up with the puke-inducing speeches and antics of the pitiful left-wingers should qualify you for some sort of merit award. Just remember: Nil Illicit Carborundum.


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