Steakhouse Patron Is Really Pissed Off

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse Pee Pee Doll

A Tennessee woman filed a police report against a Japanese steakhouse after she was “assaulted” by what I can only describe as a mildly vulgar water pistol.

Isabelle Lassiter said she and her family were dining at the Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse in Murfreesboro on Monday when a chef produced a plastic doll resembling a little boy and pulled down its pants. A thin stream of water spurted from a hole located in the doll’s genital area and hit Lassiter in the face, she said.

Was the water yellow? Did the water taste salty? If not, then your police report will be filed in the shredder “Ongoing” file.

Restaurant manager Johnny Huang said the doll is a common part of the show patrons get at dinner. Chefs use it to control flames on the hibachi, he said.

Wait, please tell me the manager’s last name is pronounced “Wang.” That would be high-larious!

Lassiter’s husband, James, called the spraying “a sexual-style assault on my wife.”

I remember the time in grade school when I shot the cute girl with a water pistol. We all thought it was hilarious. But it turns out we were wrong: I was sexually harassing the woman. Lesson learned.

11 thoughts on “Steakhouse Patron Is Really Pissed Off

  1. RG – There’s a photo of her at the link. She looks, um, “interesting.”

    Proof – No, and she’s probably shying away from the meatballs, too.


    1. holy cow, I missed her photo. That’s enough to scare me half to death. It would keep me awake for sure. Go look at this photo at 7am, after your power nap. You’ll be awake the rest of the day trying not to think about it. Definitely a HilLIARy supporter.


  2. This family needs to do everyone a favor and dine at home where they can control every bit of minutia associated with mealtime. Surprised she could eat at a steakhouse because it looks like she has a few teeth missing. Of course she also looks like a drugged-out old hag to me.


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