The End Of The Line

Florida Georgia LineMeet country music sensation Florida Georgia Line. The bans has apparently aligned themselves with BLM after telling police officers they were not allowed backstage, or near the band, at two venues.

Country music duo Florida Georgia Line is backpedalling after they allegedly dissed law enforcement in both Wisconsin and now Iowa. Last week, FGL was in Kenosha, WI for the Country Thunder music festival when they made it clear they didn’t want officers anywhere near them.

“We were on the grounds the entire event covering the camp sites, festival grounds and also (backstage),” Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said. “I was informed the (Florida Georgia Line) spokesperson had made the request prior to the concert that no law enforcement be backstage while they were on the grounds.”

So I wonder who FGL will blame when some drunken, shotgun-totin’ redneck – and I say that with all due respect – slips backstage and starts ass raping the band’s sisters/girlfriends?

Now, TMZ has reported the duo did the same thing in Iowa – only this time, it was law enforcement who had the last laugh. Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver said he was headed backstage at the Great Jones County Fair Saturday night to go over security protocol with the band when a FGL crew member told him uniformed officers were not allowed backstage – per the band.

Graver said halfway through their performance, he was told the band wanted him to provide a police escort out of town following their performance. Sheriff Graver informed them he wouldn’t spend “one tax dollar assisting them.” (H/T – TXNick)

Naturally, Florida Georgia Line received a lot of backlash for their policy. As a result, they are walking back their comments, claiming it was a “misunderstanding,” and called both sheriffs to apologize.

Now I don’t know what’s in FGL’s hearts, but I do have a question: If FGL did nothing wrong, and claim this is a misunderstanding, why apologizea week after the fact? Why not immediately come out and vigorously deny the story? Personally, I believe the sheriffs, but I’m biased.

12 thoughts on “The End Of The Line

  1. “If FGL did nothing wrong, and claim this is a misunderstanding, why apologizea week after the fact? ”

    I think they need to change the name of their group to “Florida Georgia Lyin’ “


  2. I had family members at the Iowa venue( it is about 30 miles from where I live) and once word got around, people started leaving. Kudos to the sheriff and also to the media. You couldn’t pick up a paper in eastern Iowa that didn’t have this story on the front page. For the last few days, letters to the editor have been pro sheriff and people saying they are finished with FGL. You would think they would have learned from the Dixie Chicks but nope. I would be willing to bet their sales will plummet, concert attendance will go down and some people will call radio stations demanding they stop playing their music. Yo, FGL, don’t let the door hit ya!


  3. Idiots like this will never learn. In any state, other than the big cities, name a town that is not pro-police. Hard to do.


  4. They probably don’t want the cops to see all the blow and weed they have back there.

    Additionally, as a “drunken, shotgun (plus)-totin’ redneck”, I can assure you none of my ilk or myself have ever ass-raped anyone round these parts. Well… not literally, anyway…


  5. BTW, if those guys were to accidentally tripped and busted up their faces while you were around, Wyatt, I can assure you I saw nothing.


  6. Jeepers what were they smokin’? Ooops, maybe that was the problem. As if the cops give a flying fadiddle what they are doing to their brain cells. As the late, great Frank Rizzo said so eloquently, “If you ain’t doin’ nothin’ wrong, you got nothin’ to worry about.” And is what they emit actually called “Country Music”? I wonder what George Jones and Merle Haggard would opine.


  7. RG – That was my favorite part of the story. Telling them to get their own escorts out of town. Brilliant.

    TXNick – It MAY have been a misunderstanding, but if it was why wait until AFTER the backlash to respond?

    Metoo – The Dixie Chicks ruined themselves, and I laughed the entire time. People don’t want politics shoved into their entertainment, which is why the celebs fawning at the DNC were so unseemly to me.

    Cathy – Agreed. Philly, Chicago, New York, yeah, they hate cops. Small towns? Not so much.

    Proof – He’s got a purty mouth…

    Toothy – You’re not a redneck, and I’m glad you’re gun-totin’, but some thug starts a shootout backstage and they’ll be begging for the police. And yeah, um, “He fell.”

    AV – I’m sure they were just allergic to dog hair. 🙂

    Mike – There is not a cop on this Earth who would lock someone up for weed at a concert. And if they did, they would ridiculed for the rest of their career. We’re not stupid. We know what goes on at concerts, and we couldn’t care less. We would just rather not have the people we’re protecting shot/stabbed/beaten. It’s kind of a rule.

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  8. FGL is like any other celebrity, surrounded by too many groupies, yes men & piles of cocaine. They probably think what happened to the Dixie Twits was so 13 years ago & no one gives a rat’s bare behind about the cops.

    I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when the sheriff told then NO.


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