We Could Use Some Good Thoughts

Mom And AllisonMy mother will be subjected to an MRI today. Lately she has been having memory issues – no surprise, since she’ll be 71 in November – but the issues have been more severe of late.

My sister – pictured above with Mom – took her to the doctor’s office last week, and Mom could only remember an average of one out of three items in a memory test. The doctor believes the problem is either the onset of Alzheimer’s, or vascular dementia brought on after her double bypass surgery in November.

Obviously, we’re worried, especially since my maternal grandmother suffered through Alzheimer’s as well. We’re hoping the MRI goes smoothly, but we would like to call in an airstrike, just in case.

12 thoughts on “We Could Use Some Good Thoughts

  1. Will be praying for the best possible outcome for your mom and your family. Growing old isn’t for sissies. It’s hard work.


  2. Metoo – Thank you. Allison said the MRI went well, and Mom has an appointment with the doctor to review what the test found.

    Loki – Thanks.

    Mike – Thank you. It’s been a pretty terrible week.


  3. Kari – Thanks. Oh, and Kyle wants to come back already, so convert your son’s room right away.

    AV – Thank you. Mom stopped by the house today while I was at work. Mrs. Earp said she looked good.


  4. Wyatt, my 90 year old mother is in the end stage of severe Alzheimer’s, she usually knows who I am , but sometimes asks about our children, thinking I am her father and she is her mother. She also talks to me as if I am one of her brothers, reminiscing about the cow she had as a child.
    Alzheimer’s sucks, it takes your family member away before it takes them away.

    L-Frame S&W


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