How Swede It Is

Mikaela Kellner Bikini Arrest

Meet Mikaela Kellner, an 11-year veteran of the Stockholm Police Department. Kellner really loves her job, and like most police officers, she never considers herself off-duty; no matter her state of undress.

Kellner was off-duty sunbathing with friends when a man claiming to sell magazines for homeless people came up to them. Though Kellner and friends declined to buy anything, the man kept hanging around. That’s when she started thinking something was up.

“I told my friends to keep an eye on their things,” Kellner said. “But as soon as he left, one of my friends said, ‘Where did my mobile phone go?’”

In fairness, these women may have jumped to conclusions. She may have rolled over and the phone could have gotten wedged into her butt, boobs, or, um, “juice box.”

Kellner suspected that the man had used his magazines to cover the phone so he could take it without being noticed. She felt she had to do something before he got away. So she ran after him despite being clad in nothing more than a bikini.

“I did not hesitate. Had I been naked, I would have also intervened,” she said.

Sploosh! I think I found next year’s vacation destination, and I plan on swiping a few items from delicious bikini-clad babes – like their virginity. I can be stopped and frisked for that, right?

6 thoughts on “How Swede It Is

  1. Guys dream about this kind of stuff, don’t they. However, here in the US she would be more apt to look like Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.


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