Pride And Prejudice

Gay Pride Police CarTwo hundred years ago, Britain was the world’s most imposing superpower. Their navy ruled the oceans, their army vanquished alk comers, and the kingdom held colonies the world over.

Now their police officers are driving around in a rainbow-colored “Pride car.”

A British police force has revealed a new rainbow flag decorated patrol car in “a sign of solidarity” with the “LGBT+ community” which will help to “fight hate crime”.

“Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies launch their newest tool to fight hate crime this week, a new Pride car.

“Set to take to the road on the week of Norwich Pride, the car, with its rainbow design, is a sign of solidarity and commitment to the region’s LGBT+ community,” the force announced on YouTube. (H/T – Redneck Geezer)

I have to admit, that car is faaaaabulous! I guess no criminals will go straight to the pokey anymore.


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