The Wrong Arm Of The Law

Kripsy Kreme Glazed DonutWhile there are many good, honest, dedicated police officers in America, there are also some who made it on good looks or were hired under Project Bootstrap.

One female officer, in particular, is making the Orlando Police Department look like a Mickey Mouse operation.

Daniel Rushing treats himself to a Krispy Kreme doughnut every other Wednesday. He used to eat them in his car. Not anymore.

Not since a pair of Orlando police officers pulled him over, spotted four tiny flakes of glaze on his floorboard and arrested him, saying they were pieces of crystal methamphetamine.

The officers did two roadside drug tests and both came back positive for the illegal substance, according to his arrest report. (H/T – Dave)

After the arrest, the officer was made Chief of Police. Good thing Daniel wasn’t eating a powdered doughnut; cocaine possession comes with a much stiffer sentence.


4 thoughts on “The Wrong Arm Of The Law

  1. Proof – There is a photo of the guy at the link. He’s not exactly a meth-head. He’s more of a pot pie addict.

    RG – Just don’t buy the jelly doughnuts… they may be confused with codeine syrup.

    Proof – It he hadn’t custard at the officers, his buns wouldn’t be in jail.


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