The Crying Dutchman

Alexander CirkMeet Alexander Pieter Cirk. Alexander was looking for love in all the Wong places, and he eventually found it online with a girl from China.

Alexander was so smitten he decided to rush to his true love’s side, with predictable results.

After meeting two months ago on a social networking app, the couple have been infatuated with one another ever since. Or so this poor sod thought…

Fed up with the 4,500 kilometers of distance between them, Cirk finally decided to apply for a visa and hop on a plane to China, CCTV News reports. Upon his arrival, the woman, surnamed Zhang, was nowhere to be seen. So the hopeful man then decided to set up camp inside the terminal and wait, convinced that the object of his affection would eventually make an appearance.

Unfortunately, the woman was a no-show and after 10 days of patiently waiting around in the airport, Cirk was hospitalized for exhaustion. (H/TAOSHQ)

You know, online dating is a hit-or-miss proposition – at best – in the United States, but in a country where people stand in line for goddamn soap? Is Alex planning a trip to Nigeria to collect his lottery fortune after he recovers?

For the record, Alexander’s “before” picture is above, and the “after” is below the fold…

Dude, ten days in an airport and you couldn’t spring two yuan for a comb?

Alexander Pieter Cirk

I find it hard to believe Zhang wouldn’t want to grow old with the Crypt Keeper. She must be one of those high-maintenance girls who demands good hygiene… and a pulse.

7 thoughts on “The Crying Dutchman

  1. The relationship was doomed once he sent “her” a picture or at least it would have been for me. Yes, I am that shallow.


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