Happy Birthday, Metoo!

Hugh Jackman Australia

Today is Metoo’s 29th birthday. (Wow, I almost wrote that with a straight face.) Metoo is the blog’s most loyal commenter, one of its earliest readers, and a personal friend. Metoo keeps me on an even keel, and pulls me back into check when necessary. She is the bog sister I never had, so skipping her birthday would be the death of me.

In honor of the occasion, I posted a few photos to brighten her day – mostly because I am too cheap to get her a real gift. There are more below the fold.

Metoo, if you don’t like the photos, I’ll send you the gift receipt.

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

But I think you may like them.

Clint Eastwood

Happy birthday, Metoo! Enjoy your day.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Metoo!

  1. Thanks for the eye candy, Wyatt! I am so glad I took my high blood pressure med this am. I am especially enjoying Hugh Jackman. Oh, and thanks for posting pics of manly men!!


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