Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Danka Barteková

Since I began this year’s Babe O’ The Day with an athlete from the host country, I figured I had to post a babe from my maternal grandparents ancestral home, Slovakia. Meet Danka Barteková, a smokin’ hot chick with a gun.

Danka Barteková is a 31-year old Slovak skeet shooter. Barteková finished 8th at the Women’s Skeet event at the 2008 Summer Olympics and won the bronze medal in Women’s Skeet at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Danka was the flag-bearer for Slovakia last night, and for my money the hottest Slovak athlete evah.

Danka Barteková Slovakia Skeet Shooting

There are more photos below, because I love her. Truly.

Danka Barteková Slovakia

Half-open blouse, tight skirt, oh yes, I believe I stare for a few moments.

Danka Barteková Skeet

That dress makes me feel kinda funny, and the heels are the icing on the cake. I’ll be in my bunk.

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