Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Charlotte Caslick Australia Rugby

UPDATE: Congratulations to Charlotte and the Australian Women’s Rugby team for winning the gold!

Today is a combination Olympic Babe O’ The Day and Sunday Services. The subject is Charlotte Caslick, a rugby player from Australia.

Charlotte Caslick represents Australia in Sevens Rugby. Born in Brisbane, Queensland and playing for The Tribe, she debuted for Australia in May 2013. As of December 2015, she currently has 13 caps, racking up 31 tries in that period.

Charlotte was named in World Rugby’s 2014/15 Team of the Season after another stellar season and one of four players nominated for the 2015 World Sevens Player of the Year. Charlotte was also voted player of the tournament in the Australian Nationals. She has been named halfback of the year three years running.

I watched Caslick play yesterday as they destroyed Colombia, 53-0. She’s a pretty awesome player, and she possesses the qualities desired by the superficial man.

Charlotte Caslick Bikini

See what I mean? There are more photos below the fold.

There’s something hot about a babe who can kick my ass.

Charlotte Caslick Australia

Backless dress? Yes, please!

Charlotte Caslick

Yes, that is a skimpy bikini, and yes, those are Cabbage Patch Kids on her bed. I do not care. I would still hit it like the fist of an angry god.

Charlotte Caslick Aussie


7 thoughts on “Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

  1. If all the women’s rugby teams looked like the Aussies’, it would become my new favorite sport. Talk about some ‘tough’ women!!


  2. > “There’s something hot about a babe who can kick my ass.”

    Testify. Same goes for the MMA ladies…. even the ones that were whacked with the ugly stick at birth, if reckon they’re all sexy as hell.


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