Hillary Clinton To Police: “Drop Dead”

Hillary Clinton With Black Lives MatterDemocrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has decided not to seek the endorsement of the National Fraternal Order of Police.

The leader of the National Fraternal Order of Police told The Hill that the Hillary Clinton sent a signal through her staff that she wouldn’t be seeking the union’s endorsement.

“It sends a powerful message. I was disappointed and shocked,” said Chuck Canterbury, the president of the National Fraternal Order of Police.

Why would Canterbury be shocked? At the Democratic national Convention here in Philly, Clinton issued an order stating no uniformed police officers would be allowed on the convention floor.

The union will not be meeting with Clinton because her campaign decided not to fill out a questionnaire that is required for seeking the police union’s endorsement.

The Fraternal Order of Police has a strict process for making a presidential endorsement. It first sends each candidate a lengthy questionnaire; after the candidates complete and return their questionnaires, the union distributes the answers to its membership. Finally, in September, the state chapters vote, and if a candidate receives majority support in two-thirds of the states, he or she wins the union’s endorsement.

Canterbury says that to his knowledge the questionnaire snub has only happened once before — in 2004 with John Kerry.

Wow, color me surprised. Personally, I don’t understand why the FOP would ever consider throwing an endorsement toward someone who obviously despises police officers.


8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton To Police: “Drop Dead”

  1. “…no uniformed police officers would be allowed on the convention floor.”

    Democrat politicians only allow uniformed police officers around when it’s time to sign a gun control bill. Then they’re forced to stand behind the gloating pols for a photo op. Then the pols point to the cops as proof the police support stricter gun control laws. Meanwhile, most of the cops (with the exception of the chiefs) stand there looking about as happy as the star of an al Qaeda hostage video.


  2. Most of the police unions are still probably dumb enough to endorse her, even though she hasn’t sought their support. I never figured out why they were pro Demoncrat to begin with. I guess union lives matter too, dontcha know? I think Proof has it figured out best though – black-heared lives matter.


  3. Cathy – She is the Queen of the Harpies.

    Metoo – And we would protect them no matter what, because unlike her, we are professionals.

    Proof – Drunken cyborgs have no hearts, so she can exclude herself.

    John – Many of us dreaded working the DNC, but we did so because we knew the protection was needed – even as the Dems ripped us inside the arena. Friends of mine asked if the “no uniformed officers in the arena” rumor was true. Sadly, it was.

    RG – Police unions focus more on the union part than the police part. Most rank and file officers see the FOP for what it is – a political organization which occasionally lands us a decent contract at arbitration.


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