A Fishin’ Magician

Rio Olympics Toilet FishingThere have been many examples of awful stories surrounding the Rio Olympic Games. The hotel rooms being unfinished, the dead body found floating in Rio Bay, and now some bizarre bathroom regulations.

U.S. basketball star Elena Delle Donne posted a photograph of the restroom regulations to Instagram on Saturday, and it’s now going viral.

“Guess I won’t be toilet fishing today,” she quipped, in reference to the image on the bottom left — which shows a figure using a fishing rod inside a toilet.

Other bathroom activities that appear to have been banned at the games in Brazil include peeing like a dog (bottom right), vomiting (mid-left) and defecating with your feet on the seat (mid-right).

Okay, all of those examples are pretty bizarre, but the deal-breaker for me is the toilet paper rule. Do not throw toilet paper in the toilet? Yeah, just take that shite-covered wad of t.p. and place it in the wastebasket. You can make a game of it; whomever’s room stinks the worst by the end of the games gets an honorary brown medal.


3 thoughts on “A Fishin’ Magician

  1. There is not enough Lysol on the planet to take care of the odors that will be emanating from those bathrooms. I laughed the other night when a commentator said Brazil wanted to prove to the world they were no longer a third world nation by hosting the Olympics. Talk about mission F-A-I-L.


  2. Metoo – If nothing else, they confirmed it. I hope the athletes banging like rabbits triple-wrap their, um, javelins.

    Cathy – Pfft, they would have to take a shower to elevate to toilet.


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