Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Laura Sárosi Badminton

Today’s featured babe is Laura Sárosi, a 23-year old badminton player from Hungary. Laura is not only crazy stupid hot, but she also personifies the phrase “fair play.”

Laura Sárosi is a Hungarian badminton player. At the 2016 European Badminton Championships Sárosi was eliminated in the second round. She beat Croatian Dorotea Sutara, before losing to Karin Schnaase of Germany.

During the match, Sárosi loaned her spare shoes to her opponent, after one of Schnaase’s own shoes had fallen apart during the first set. The result meant that Sárosi did not gain enough ranking points to qualify directly for the 2016 Summer Olympics and was instead named as the second alternate.

Thankfully, Laura was eventually rewarded for her generosity, and made the Hungarian team via a wild card entry.

Laura Sárosi Bikini

NBC shoves those American human interest stories down our throat every fine minutes. Why they chose not to highlight someone who forfeited her Olympic dream to help her opponent is beyond me…

I realize badminton is not the pinnacle sport of the Olympics, but I’ll gladly watch Laura play, and I hope she takes home a medal. She certainly deserves some good karma, in my opinion.

Laura Sárosi Hungary

Good luck, Laura. Your actions are what the Olympics are all about.

Laura Sárosi

Laura’s first match is tomorrow at 9am.


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