Malia Obama And The Temple Of Choom

Barack And Malia ObamaIn a move which surprised no one, Malia Obama was filmed smoking weed at July’s Lollapalooza festival.

The 18-year-old first kid was caught smoking what looks like a joint at a concert in a video that emerged Wednesday.

The video, posted by Radar Online, shows Obama puffing away on the cigarette at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago last month.

In the 9-second clip, the elder child of President Obama can be seen in the background smoking as a young girl in the foreground of the video dances and sticks her tongue out. An eyewitness claimed that Obama was smoking pot.

Well, trash begets trash I suppose. The irony is Barack cannot chide Malia – seriously, who comes up with these names? – because her immediate comeback will be, “I learned it by watching you, okay?”


8 thoughts on “Malia Obama And The Temple Of Choom

  1. Metoo – I’m old enough to remember when the media destroyed GWB’s daughters for their drinking. Funny how this is not a huge story today.

    Smite – I love that graphic. It really shows what this president is made of.

    Proof – Well, Dad is not above doing illegal things, so why not let her smoke weed?


  2. I remember when the Bush twins were caught trying to use a fake ID. It was such a big deal that someone called 911.

    Oh, and the only way Daddy would chide her would be if she didn’t bring him some.


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